Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another

Before my daughter came home from studying abroad in Australia in November, I decided to repaint the upstairs guest bathroom that she uses.  I wanted to surprise her.  She had been in Australia since the end of July, and I had four months to get this done.  I knew I wouldn't start that project until after my son went back to school in the fall. It would be my big back to school project.  I am good at procrastinating. November came around way too quickly, and I still hadn't even picked out the paint.  Finally on the second Saturday in November, I decided it was time.  

I thought this painting project would take me all weekend, but I work best under pressure.  Went to Home Depot on Saturday morning. Purchased a gallon of paint in a neutral taupe color along with other paint supplies. Then, went home and began the process of taping.  Before I knew it, I was ready to roll.  That part is always the most fun.  In fact it was so much fun, and I still had half a gallon of paint left, so I painted the master bathroom the next day.  I loved how the fresh paint looked on the walls, but...............

One thing leads to another. 

The next week I was shopping on line and running around to Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Penny's, and anywhere else I could think of to find the perfect shower curtain and pictures for the walls.  I picked up a few other accessories along the way too - like garbage cans, candles, toothbrush holders....etc.   

Then....... I decided that the flooring and countertops needed a facelift as well.  We still have the original white with light blue diamond shapes vinyl flooring and light blue laminate counter tops to match in the guest bathroom.  The same flooring and countertops in the master bathroom, except with mint green instead of the light blue.  I am trying to keep this a low expense project since no one really sees the upstairs bathrooms except family anyway.  I picked up samples of the peel and stick laminate flooring in earth tone colors.  My husband said he would tackle that project......... someday. (I may end up tackling this one myself too.)  I researched how to paint your laminate countertops to make them 'look like' granite.  There were two options.  I decided to go the cheapest  route, only putting me out $70.  If it doesn't turn out, then we replace them with something else.

I ordered a chocolate brown countertop kit  online in late November.  When it arrived, I stored down in the basement.  This project may take a few days to complete since there is wait time between steps.   My daughter has now gone back to school, so it is time to start that project.  Just brought the box up from the basement so I can read the directions, and there is a CD included too. I'm a little scared to start, as it will probably be much harder than it looks.  Now the box is here staring me in the face as if telling me to stop procrastinating and get r done.  

I'll let you know how it goes. 

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